A B2B Marketing List Of Car Rental Hire Companies With Email Addresses

A B2B Marketing List of Car Rental Hire Companies with Email Addresses

Our Car Rental Email List is ideal for anyone looking to sell their products or services B2B to car rental companies. Our car rental company mailing list database contains company name, email, website, social media links, tel nos and more! Free lifetime updates. Complete and accurate data. Instant download in an Excel!


Car Rental; not just getting you about!

Renting cars is nothing particularly new, but it’s also a fairly booming industry, with better and better cars, fancier models and with the passion for vehicles among people growing. In fact, the car rental industry is worth $125 billion globally and has been getting men and women moving for tens of years!

$125 billion is a huge pie to take a slice of. And our perfectly concocted B2B sales leads are sure to help you take a sizeable slice of it!

A B2B Marketing List of Car Rental Hire Companies with Email Addresses

But why rent a car?

On paper, renting a car might seem almost redundant, especially if you already own a car. And with car ownership at an all time high, it may seem an unlikely industry, but there are benefits.

  • It allows less wealthy people to drive top of the range cars temporarily in order to make an impression.
  • It allows businesses to use high end cars for VIPs.
  • Men and women can now drive vehicles in tourist destinations and abroad.

Who can it help?

So now our product allows you to have access to all the contacts in the industry. Think of the big name labels, Sixt, Rent-a-car, Enterprise. Who can it help?

  • You’re a car dealership with a large collection of vehicles. Maybe its time to strike up some deals with rental agencies to get them shifting faster.
  • As a car dealership, maybe you’re looking for cheaper cars, or even the ability to sell luxury vehicles at affordable prices, purchasing and selling on for a decent profit margin.
  • Travel agents looking to create fantastic packages by including travel and deals from top quality rentals to cut the cost of holidays for the consumer.
  • Many more!

You can find so much in our B2B Car Rental List!

Our B2B leads and sales package comes with many benefits and key features, which include all of the below, and more:

  • Names of every rental agency in your specified country!
  • Addresses and email contacts for all of said agencies!
  • Telephone numbers for all of the above for the more personal deal breaker!
  • Links to social media pages so you can get the lay of the land in just about any part of the country you want!

Why choose us?

Given that we make marketing so easy it comes in a simple .csv spreadsheet, there’s a whole host of reasons to choose us over the competitors. Did you know our B2B mailing lists are kept up to date in real  time, free of charge, forever?

Our comprehensive B2B sales leads, after all, have been put together through five years of travelling, meeting-and-greeting, learning, and collecting real data from real people, all through tried and tested methods and a mix of cutting edge technology used to compile it into the product you have today. We do all the hard work so you can make your business the best it can be.

Using our Car Rental B2B Marketing List to your advantage

Car Rental Listings

Cars can be rented, returned and sold quicker than anything, and listings can change within days! That’s why it’s important to keep businesses and your customers fully up to date about what exactly you have! Or maybe you’ve just got in five of the latest Aston Martins that you can’t wait to rent out to your next paying customer! Either way, using our super simply plug in and send method, you can have that sent to every business, not to mention your existing customer base in seconds!

Car Rental Emails

Because nothing tells your customers that you’re better than the competition like a massive email blast to just about every inbox in the country! When there’s Fords, Vauxhalls, Porches, Aston Martins and more, there’s no point leaving them on the forecourt! The quicker you can get a client behind the wheel, the better. Simply copy and paste all of the much needed contacts into the ‘to’ field and watch it go before you’ve even set out for work!

Rental Calls

Sometimes you need a more personal touch to your work. And nothing clinches the merger, or some very handy co-operation like listening to the proposer directly in the ear. Pick up the phone, and use our huge number of retail contacts to find your way into their good books in no time!

Social Renting

Now it’s time to find out what the customers want to drive! Now you can find out if your fleet needs a refresh or whether you just need to stretch your marketing further. And with our B2B marketing tools, that shouldn’t be any trouble at all!

Driving in Co-Operation!

Maybe your fleet just isn’t quite big enough to meet demand. Now isn’t it time you got in touch with another firm? They might just find it to be the deal of century to get the clients, while you get the cars!

The free benefits of our Car Rental Mailing List:

Our B2B Emailing list is designed to give you a powerful business advantage over the competitors. With the power of opportunity and contacts, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest.

What’s more? That advantage is instant upon payment! There’s no need to wait around to sign for packages with our product, as you’ll get your own digital access key the moment the payment is processed!

Guaranteed to be laced with precisely zero hidden fees and no monthly charges! Why settle for any of our competitors who try to trap you with the small print when you can get the best on the market?

If you’re still on the fence, then why not check out our free samples and see for yourself just why we’re the very best on the market?

For those products taken out in Europe, all of these sales leads and B2B contacts are 100% GDPR compliant! Marketing in safety!